After our wedding in 2017 (best day ever!) we discovered what photography can really mean to someone. When the most precious moments of your life are thoughtfully captured, those photos become a lifelong treasure. Inspired by our experience, we moved from Los Angeles to New Mexico and turned our photography hobby into our full-time job! 

Our goal is to capture the unique bond between you and a loved one, the twinkle in your child's eye, your head nuzzled on the shoulder you call home. We hope that decades from now when the world is a different place, our photos bring you back to those precious moments in time.

We know first-hand what photographs can mean to a couple. 

About Us

Counterpart Creative Photography About Us Santa Fe New Mexico Southwest Photographer

Human connection
Experience over production

Our approach to photography is:

First photo ever taken of us!

We welcome clients of every size, race, and gender identity. We stand against racism, homophobia, transphobia, and fatphobia. 

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