Hello! Jess, here. Since moving to Santa Fe almost one year ago, we’ve had the opportunity to do some super fun family photo sessions! Here are three reasons (of many) that we love working with families and look forward to doing more!

1. This is probably obvious, but we LOVE kids!

Babies have been one of my lifelong obsessions (just ask my mom!). One of the best events of my life was when my first nephew was born and I became an aunt! Give me the choice of hanging out with anyone in the world, and it would probably be my niece and nephews. And although Matt doesn’t have my years of babysitting experience under his belt, when it comes to making kids laugh for a photo, Matt is my go-to guy! In all honesty, I’m fun but not very funny :).

We love the way kids are brutally honest, unabashedly themselves and full of unbridled joy.  

2. Cliché but true – kids grow up so fast!!

We love that we get to capture this moment in time for your family. Not to stress you out, but eventually, everyone moves on to the next age and stage. It’s true that we all have cell phones to document the little moments, but how often is everyone, including you, in those photos?

When we do family sessions, we aren’t just interested in the photos with everyone smiling for the camera. Some of our favorite photos are the ones where you see the littlest details: the way a baby boy pats his mama’s chest, or how a little girl locks arms with her sibling. There are so many nuances that contribute to a child’s character; we love capturing those expressions and behaviors before they evolve into new ones.

It’s humbling to think that just maybe, our photos will be something you look back on over the years to remember this time in your life.

3. We love how spontaneous family photo sessions can be!

Unlike couples’ sessions which are primarily based on poses, with families we can let the kids take the lead and capture families fully being themselves and interacting with each other. We’ll give you some guidance and throw in a pose here and there, but the best moments are ones that happen naturally between kids and their parents. 

Take the family photo session below, for instance. Do you think we brought a gorilla mask and asked the dad to put it on to scare the kids? No!! As we played around, and they grabbed the gorilla mask from the car because it’s something the family does all the time to play with the kids! So much so, that 10 month old Bodi was hilariously unfazed by his gorilla-faced dad.

We want to do whatever is fun and natural for your family, because our ultimate goal to take photos that are true to you!

We had a blast taking these photos with the Bobb family, and we look forward to all of our family photo sessions to come!

Three Reasons We Love Family Photo Sessions!



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